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Are you tired of dealing with thin, lifeless hair? The great news is that there are a number of the best hair growth supplements on the market that can help you achieve the thick, healthy hair you’ve always wanted.

In this article, we’ll look at the 7 best hair growth supplements proven to boost hair growth and leave you with a full, luscious head of hair. Whether you’re dealing with hair loss or simply looking to improve the overall health of your hair, these supplements are sure to get you the results you’re looking for. So, if you’re ready to take the first step towards healthier, thicker hair, read on to choose your hair growth supplements on the market today.

Our Top Picks

  • Nutrafol Build-Up Blocker,
  • Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint
  • GROW Maximum XXL Hair
  • Boost N Blend Medium
  • Sibu Omega-7
  • Majestic Pure Castor Oil
  • Vegnclever Hair Growth

1. Nutrafol Build-Up Blocker

best supplements for hair growth


Brand: Nutrafol
Item Form: Liquid
Material Feature: Natural
Hair Type: Dry

Nutrafol Build-Up Blocker Scalp Microbiome Exfoliating Hair Mask is a physician-formulated, natural exfoliating scalp mask that eliminates impurities and preserves the scalp microbiome. The scalp microbiome is a complex mixture of microorganisms that help to support and protect the scalp and is important for maintaining healthy hair. This mask is clinically shown to dissolve excess sebum, balance oil production, remove dirt and product build-up, and visibly improve dryness and flakiness.

The mask has natural, clinically tested ingredients, including anti-oxidant-rich Australian Wild Berries, exfoliating AHA Fruit Acids, and purifying Chia Seeds. It is a 100% natural fragrance, gentle yet effective to use.

Using Build-Up Blocker immediately reduced sebum and product build-up in 100% of clinical studies.


⦁ Physician-formulated with natural, clinically tested ingredients
⦁ Works to eliminate impurities and preserve the scalp microbiome
⦁ 100% natural fragrance
⦁ Backed by rigorous clinical testing, with 100% of users reporting an immediate reduction in sebum and 97% reporting an immediate reduction in product build-up
⦁ Certified microbiome-friendly by MyMicrobissues


⦁ It is not an FDA-approved product.
⦁ It is expensive compared to other hair masks available in the market.
⦁ May not be suitable for recently dyed or chemically treated hair.


2. Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint


best supplements for hair growth



Product Benefits: Strengthening
Hair Type: All
Material Type: Paraben Free
Scent: Mint, Rosemary

Nourish and strengthen your hair with our nutrient-rich, biotin-infused treatment. Use it as part of your everyday hair care routine or as a deep treatment to keep your hair strong, lustrous, and scented.

Say goodbye to split ends with our lightweight treatment. Say goodbye to split ends with our lightweight treatment. This rich formula deeply nourishes split ends and hair follicles with over 30 essential oils and nutrients. To get a healthy, shiny finish, apply to the ends of your scalp before shampooing to soothe and smooth.


⦁ It contains biotin and essential oils to strengthen hair and nourish the scalp
⦁ Helps to prevent split ends
⦁ Suitable for all hair types
⦁ Promotes healthy hair growth
⦁ Made with natural ingredients
⦁ Best for dry scalp
⦁ 2-fluid ounce bottle for easy application
⦁ It contains rosemary and mint for a refreshing scent


⦁ Give a greasy look if too much is used
⦁ May cause allergic reactions or irritation in some people with sensitive scalps.
⦁ Some people may not like the scent of rosemary and mint
⦁ It is a bit costly compared to other hair oils on the market

3. GROW Maximum XXL Hair


best supplements for hair growth



Product Benefits: Hair Growth, Split End Treatment
Hair Type: All
Scent: Alpha
Item Form: Liquid

GROW Maximum XXL Hair formula, a premium hair growth serum designed to help men achieve the hair and beard they’ve always wanted. The product is formulated with premium organic ingredients in optimized doses, providing up to 218% increased hair growth. This means you can jumpstart new growth, fix hair thinning and receding hairlines, and grow a great beard fast with GROW.

One of the key benefits of using GROW is its ability to accelerate your growth rate. They formulated this hair growth oil-based serum to support circulation for optimum strand nourishment. This means that you can achieve your desired look quicker with GROW.

GROW also helps to extend your anagen growth phase. Anagen is the phase when hair is growing, and this product lengthens this phase by 13%. This allows more hair to grow and for each strand to fully develop. With the exclusive hair oil formula of GROW, you’re sure to step your game up.

Another key benefit of GROW is that it can increase hair follicle density and diameter. Using this product can get 236% deeper hair follicles and a 120% increase in dermal thickness, resulting in thicker, fuller, and stronger hair. Not only do you grow hair fast, but it also enhances and conditions it to make it look and feel it’s absolute best.


⦁ Increases hair growth
⦁ Accelerates growth rate
⦁ Extends anagen phase for more hair growth
⦁ Increases hair follicle density and diameter for thicker, fuller, and stronger hair
⦁ Satisfaction Guarantee


⦁ It may not work for everyone, as individual results may vary
⦁ May have side effects for some people
⦁ May be expensive for some people
⦁ Some people may not like the scent or texture of the oil

4. Boost N Blend Medium

best supplements for hair growth


Item Weight: 22 Grams
Item Form: Powder
Age Range (Description): Adult
Number of Items: 1

Hair loss scalp concealer offers exclusive benefits that you won’t find in other products on the market. Say goodbye to thinning, grey hairs stealing your confidence and hello to a look and feel that will make you feel your best. Our premium-quality hair powder is 100% safe, vegan-friendly, and free of harsh chemicals, ensuring that no damage is caused to your natural hair.

Formulated by women and for women, this hair powder is designed to suit the unique biology of female hair. Hair concealer contains cotton fibres that cling to your hair much better than keratin fibres, and it’s instant coverage of hair loss or thinning and bald spots, ensuring mess-free application.

Within seconds, camouflage your bare scalp & thinning hair with the colour that matches your mane! It’s easy to use. Simply shake our hair fibre directly on thinning area & using your fingertips, blend it with your existing natural hair.


⦁ Confidence boost by hiding thinning hair and greys
⦁ Safe and vegan-friendly, free of harsh chemicals
⦁ Created by women for women, specifically formulated for female hair biology
⦁ Instant coverage of hair loss or thinning and bald spots
⦁ Easy to use with mess-free application and quick results.


⦁ Some users may find that the hair powder can be messy to apply and difficult to remove.
⦁ The product may not last long on the hair and require frequent daily reapplication.
⦁ The product may not fully cover severe hair loss or bald spots and may not be a long-term solution for hair loss.
⦁ The product is an instant solution, which may not be enough for some people who want a more permanent or longer-lasting solution for hair loss.


5. Sibu Omega-7

best supplements for hair growth



Brand: Sibu
Item Form: Softgel
Flavor: Unflavored
Product Benefits: Beauty, Membrane Health, Feminine Health
Special Ingredients: Sea Buckthorn Oil, Omega 7
Unit Count: 60.00 Count

Are you tired of using inferior quality sea buckthorn oil products? Look no further than Sibu Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn oil. As the only truly Premium Organic Himalayan Sea Buckthorn oil in North America, our ingredients are extracted using the gold standard of supercritical CO2 extraction.

Sea buckthorn berries are ethically sourced through fair-trade agreements with indigenous Himalayan harvesters. Each dose is guaranteed to contain 304mg of Omega 7, verified through triple lab testing. Unlike other imposters, oil is guaranteed to have 40%+ Omega 7 and is rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9, vitamins A, C, and E, and a variety of powerful antioxidants.

Sibu Sea Buckthorn oil is not only USDA Organic, PETA Cruelty-Free, and Vegan but also free of any harmful preservatives, GMOs, sulfates, or sulfites, ensuring that you are getting a pure and fresh product.

Experience the numerous benefits for your skin, hair, and nails, mucous membrane health, cardiovascular health, and liver health. Additionally, it can relieve dry eyes and mouth and feminine dryness.


⦁ Contains high levels of Omega 7, which can promote hair growth and thickness
⦁ Rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9, vitamins A, C, and E, and antioxidants, which can nourish and strengthen hair
⦁ USDA Organic, PETA Cruelty-Free, and Vegan, ensuring high quality and purity
⦁ Free of preservatives, GMOs, sulfates, and sulfites, making it safe for hair use
⦁ Can provide relief for dry scalp, and dandruff
⦁ Can help with hair loss and thinning


⦁ Softgels may appear opaque when cold or frozen, but will return to normal at room temperature.


6. Majestic Pure Castor Oil


best supplements for hair growth



Product Benefits: Hydrating, Conditioning
Hair Type: Dry
Scent: Castor
Liquid Volume: 16 Fluid Ounces
Item Form: Oil

Castor oil is a versatile and natural solution for hair and skin. Its high absorption rate allows it to penetrate the skin deeply, providing it with essential vitamins and minerals and Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids. This unique combination of nutrients gives the skin a youthful glow and improves its overall appearance.

For hair, castor oil can help prevent and remedy hair loss, making it a great choice for those looking to maintain healthy and strong hair. The Premium Quality Castor Oil from Majestic Pure is particularly effective, as it is pure, gentle, and free of additives or fillers. This means it is unfiltered and undiluted, making it one of the finest natural skin emollients.

Castor oil is also known for its ability to solve many skin problems, including dry skin, boils, warts, stretch marks, and age spots. It can also treat inflammatory conditions such as chronic itching and athlete’s foot. The Majestic Pure Castor Oil is also cruelty-free and has not been tested on animals.


⦁ High in Vitamin E, minerals, proteins, and Omega 6 and 9 beneficial fatty acids
⦁ Can help prevent and remedy hair loss
⦁ Premium Quality Castor Oil is pure, gentle, and more effective
⦁ No additives, unfiltered and undiluted with no fillers
⦁ Cruelty-free and not tested on animals
⦁ Patch test before use is recommended


⦁ Stomach upset
⦁ Allergic reactions
⦁ Interactions with other medications
⦁ Risk of complications during pregnancy
⦁ May not work for everyone
⦁ Stains on clothes or bedding

7. Vegnclever Hair Growth


best supplements for hair growth



Brand: Vegnclever
Scent: Natural
Item Form: Drops, Oil, Serum
Age Range (Description): Adult

Say goodbye to thin, lackluster hair vegnclever hair growth serum. Formulated with clinically-proven Phyto-actives, this fast-absorbing and lightweight serum boost cell renewal at the scalp for visibly thicker hair in just 90 days with daily use.

Not only does it improve the thickness, but it also helps reduce the signs of shedding and improve hair density and visible thickness, leaving your hair looking and feeling fuller and healthier.

This hair growth serum is 100% vegan, natural, and drug-free, making it safe for daily use and gentle on your hair and scalp. It also nourishes your thinning hair and supports stronger-feeling, thicker-looking strands with natural plant extracts.

The leave-in conditioning formula and massaging technique used while applying the serum improves hair elasticity and helps in promoting healthy hair growth. The easy-to-use dropper system on the top of the bottle makes it convenient to measure the amount of serum you need and add it to your daily routine.


⦁ Visibly thicker hair in just 90 days with daily use
⦁ Reduces signs of shedding and improves hair density
⦁ 100% vegan, natural, and drug-free
⦁ Leave-in conditioning and improves hair elasticity
⦁ Convenient dropper system for easy use
⦁ Money-back guarantee


⦁ Continuous use of hair growth serums may be required to maintain results.
⦁ Hair growth serums can be expensive and may not be accessible to everyone.
⦁ Overuse or misuse of hair growth serums may damage the hair or scalp.

What to Consider When Shopping for hair Growth Supplements

Remember several factors when shopping for hair growth supplements to ensure you choose the right product.
Check the ingredients and choose a product that suits your needs when shopping for hair growth supplements. A healthy diet with various vitamins and minerals can impact hair growth, and over-the-counter supplements are designed to assist hair growth.

The primary and vital ingredient for hair growth supplement includes Vitamins(B, C, D, and E), zinc, Biotin and iron.

Vitamin B, B7 (Biotin), and B12 are essential to strengthen and condition hair strands.
Research shows you can quickly minimize vitamin B deficiency by eating a balanced diet. You can get vitamin B in various foods, including dark leafy greens—100% whole grains, meat, fish, eggs, nuts and avocados. If you don’t know your reason for hair loss, you take vitamin B supplements to help boost your hair growth.
Vitamin B7 complex, known as Biotin often used for hair growth benefits. The best way to get Biotin from eating foods like salmon, milk, eggs, bananas, sweet potatoes and almonds. Hair growth supplements are also good sources of direct Biotin.
Vitamin C
Vitamin C helps boost blood circulation throughout your body, including your head. Increased blood circulation in your head area increases stimulation of your hair follicles, which may stimulate hair growth. You must check the availability of vitamin C in hair growth supplements.
Vitamin D
A deficiency in vitamin D may reduce hair growth. Vitamin D is dissolved in the skin by skin cells ( keratinocytes), skin cells that produce keratin; If the skin cell does not have enough vitamin D, the skin cell in hair follicles have trouble accelerating hair growth, resulting in shedding and hair loss. So Vitamin D is also a deciding factor for hair growth supplements.
Iron plays a surprisingly important role in boosting hair growth. If you do not get enough iron, your body cannot produce enough hemoglobin, decreasing oxygen delivery to your scalp and contributing to hair loss. Hair growth supplements may also be worth adding to your routine if you face iron deficiency.

Keratin is a protein in our hair, nails and skin. It is produced naturally, but many hair growth supplements provide keratin.
You must check the flavor of the hair growth supplement before buying them. Select a supplement that suits your taste best. Mostly all hair growth supplements have a fruity taste, but few have no taste. Among our three top products, Viviscal has an orange flavor, Properdin tastes like green tea, and vitamin hair gummies have a strawberry flavor. So choose supplements according to your taste.
Price Range
These hair growth supplements are available at varying prices, and You can select products according to your budget.

Why do we need hair growth supplements?
Food is the best way of taking nutrients naturally. Hair growth supplements help increase hair strength and volume.

What are dietary supplements?
A dietary supplement is an item that is meant to supplement a diet. Dietary supplements are not medicines and cannot be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, prevent, or cure illnesses. Avoid using dietary supplements during pregnancy or while nursing. Make sure a child’s healthcare provider approves of supplements before giving them.

What are the main factors that cause hair loss?
Excessive pulling, stress, age, major life events, medication, genetics and lack of nutrition are the main factors that cause hair loss.

You can’t be resolved Hair problems by considering one factor, the unlimited uncontrollable factors that cause hair loss. Mental health and a balanced diet are controllable factors.

Hair growth supplements help us take a lot to get essential nutrients if we face nutrient deficiency. Viviscal, Properdin and vitamin hair gummies are our top products according to nutrient efficiency and customer feedback.


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